Command Description Aliases
status Checks your character's adventure status. s
adventure Sends your character on an adventure. mission, a, dungeon
cancel Cancels your current mission. No Aliases
deaths Your death stats. No Aliases
activeadventure Active Adventures. No Aliases
adventures Shows a list of all dungeons with your success rate. missions, dungeons


Command Description Aliases
inventory Shows your current inventory. inv, i
profile [person] View your or a different user's profile. me, p
delete Deletes your character. rm, del
create Creates a new character. new, c, start
equip Equips the item with the given ID. use
colour Set your default text colour for the profile command. color
upgradeweapon Upgrades an item's stat by 1. upgrade
merge Merges the first item with the second for an upgrade No Aliases
economy Shows your current balance. money, e
give [other] Gift money! No Aliases
xp Shows your current XP count. No Aliases
rename Changes your character name No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
activebattle [enemy] Active Battles. No Aliases
battle [enemy] Battle yourself for the money you choose. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
steal [Thief Only] Steal money! No Aliases
myclass Views your current class and benefits. No Aliases
pet [Ranger Only] View your pet! No Aliases
evolve Evolve to the next level of your class. No Aliases
hunt [Ranger Only] Let your pet get a weapon for you! No Aliases
tree Evolving tree. No Aliases
class Change your class. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
tournament Start a new tournament with unlimited participants. (2, 4, 8, 16,... players) No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
familyevent Events happening to your family. No Aliases
propose Propose for a marriage! marry
divorce Divorce from your partner. No Aliases
relationship View your marriage status. No Aliases
child Make a child! fuck, sex, breed
family View your children. No Aliases
spoil Shows a list with purchasable items for your Partner. No Aliases
spoil Spoil your partner! No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
store The store. Buy boosters here. No Aliases
activate Uses a booster. No Aliases
boosters View your boosters. No Aliases
purchase [amount=1] Buy an item from the store. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
buy Buys an item with the given ID. b
sell Sells the item with the given ID for the given price. No Aliases
remove Takes an item off the shop. No Aliases
trader Buy items at the trader. No Aliases
offer [user] Offer an item to a specific user. No Aliases
shop [itemtype=All] [minstat=0.0] [highestprice=10000] Show the market with all items and prices. market, m
merchant Sells an item for its value. merch
pending Views your pending shop items. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
flip [side=heads] [amount=0] Flip a coin to win some money!coin
drawDraw a card! card
bet [maximum=6] [tip=6] [money=0] Roll the dice and win some money! No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
guild A command containing various other ones. Try the help on this command. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
vote Sends a vote link for the bot. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
tradecrate Trades a crate to a user. No Aliases
open Open a crate! No Aliases
crates None set. boxes


Command Description Aliases
richest Shows the richest players. Maximum 10. No Aliases
pvpstats Shows the best PvP players. Maximum 10. pvp, battles
lovers Shows the top 10 lovers. No Aliases
highscore/td> Shows the best players sorted by XP. Maximum 10. best, high, top
lovers/td> Shows the best spoiled lovers. Maximum 10. No Aliases/td>


Command Description Aliases
queue View the upcoming songs. q, playlist
now_playing Shows the music controller with information about the current song. np, current, currentsong, playing
connect Summon the bot to your voice channel. join
play Plays a song from YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. sing
volume Change the music volume. vol
pause Pauses the currently playing song. No Aliases
resume Resume the currently paused song. No Aliases
stop Stops the song and the whole music session. No Aliases
skip Skip the currently playing song. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
pixelfy [user] [size=2] Pixelfy! No Aliases
edgy [user] Edgyfy images. No Aliases
invert [member] Inverts an avatar. No Aliases
oil [member] Oils an avatar No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
serverinfo Prints out some information about this server. server
prefix See your prefix. No Aliases
avatar Steal Avatars. No Aliases
discrim Who uses your discriminator? No Aliases
settings [setting=None] [value=None] Change the settings. No Aliases
userinfo [member] Information about a user. user, member, memberinfo


Command Description Aliases
tutorial Tutorial link. No Aliases
faq Link to the FAQ. No Aliases
documentation Sends a link to the official documentation. docs
help [command] Get some help. No Aliases
helpme Need help? Gotcha! No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
weaponname [Patreon Only] Changes a weapon name. No Aliases
makebackground [Patreon Only] Generates a background image. No Aliases
background [url] [Patreon Only] Changes your profile background. No Aliases
updateguild Updates your guild member limit to 100. No Aliases


Command Description Aliases
fancy Fancy Text No Aliases
patreon Support us! donate
cat Cats! No Aliases
dice Roleplay dice. Uses ndx format. No Aliases
ice Ice Cream! ice-cream
notifyme Support server notifications. No Aliases
love A usual love test... No Aliases
talk None set. No Aliases
changelog Latest updates. No Aliases
choose [results...] A usual guess... No Aliases
8ball A usual 8ball... No Aliases
uptime Bot uptime. No Aliases
daily Get $50 per day. No Aliases
support Get some help! No Aliases
easteregg None set. No Aliases
clear [target] Clears X messages. No Aliases
roll Rolls a random number. The only argument defines the maximum result No Aliases
credits Credits! invite
dog Dogs! No Aliases
unnotifyme Turn off support server notifications. No Aliases
meme Memes :) No Aliases
cookie Gives a cookie to a user. No Aliases
randomname What am I called where? No Aliases
down Is the bot down? downtime
ping Bot's ping. No Aliases
echo Echo! Echo.... say
stats Some statistics. No Aliases